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ePad 16x30 - Hot
Our Price: $850.00
ePad 16x30 - Hot

The ePad 16x30 super is designed to support overnight therapy for hips, knees and shoulders. Place it underneath sleep area crossways, beneath the target tissue. These pads are calibrated between 2.0 and 3.0, and are often energetically uncomfortable for sleep.

ePads are antioxidant devices. They emit electrons that quench free radicals and provide lifetime oxidative stress reduction and anti-aging support.

Their continuous electron donor capability quenches free-radical toxins produced by many pathogens and provides durable benefits for many conditions. Results also suggest that the help the body to inhibit parasitic organisms.

Our medicine blankets are a modernized version of a 10,000 year old technology dating back to native and ancient cultures that recognized healing properties of certain stones.

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