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Adaptive Contrast Standard
Live O2 systems deliver all the oxygen that a user is physically able to breathe during exercise - about 4x more than normal.
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International LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast 20L System
Our Price: 6,950.00
LiveO2 Advanced EWOT with Adaptive Contrast Reservoir, Dual Air Separators where power specification is 220V @ 50 Hz.
LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast 20L System
Our Price: 6,150.00
System enables practitioners to schedule patient appointments back to back with little to no down time in between.
LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast 10L System
Our Price: 4,150.00
This system enables Adaptive Contrast (tm) when used with any stationary exercise equipment. Includes new 10L altitude enabled air separator with 3 year warranty.
LiveO2 Standard 10L System
Our Price: 3,295.00
Consistent with Manfred von Ardenne's advanced protocol.
LiveO2 Standard 5L System
Our Price: 2,295.00
Consistent with Manfred von Ardenne's OMST advanced protocol.
LiveO2 Standard Conversion Kit (EWOT to LiveO2)
List Price: $1,295.00
Our Price: 1,295.00
Add this kit to your existing oxygen concentrator (5lpm or greater) to create a LiveO2 Standard Training System!
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