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International Customers

International Customers

WHN ships worldwide! We use DHL as our international carrier, as they have proven to be consistently reliable as an international shipping partner. Please note: International orders will not be shipped without a valid email address and phone number.

International orders for LiveO2 systems require special handling, and most often a 'lead time', as the air separators which are a part of the LiveO2 system need to be special ordered from the manufacturer for use outside of North America, in order to be specifically compatible with the region's voltage and frequency requirements. There is an additional associated cost of $200 to have the air separator components built to regional specifications; this additional charge will be applied to the system when selecting for international use with associated products when placing an order with the WHN store. In the event that the air separator is to be used outside of North America and the option to purchase a regionally appropriate unit is waived, the air separator warranty will be considered void. When ordering a LiveO2 system, a WHN representative will be in contact with you to finalize the order and verify the specific region in which the air separator will be used.

When an order is placed by a customer directly, shipping charges will be applied at checkout. These rates are not calculated to allow for all associated charges to be covered when shipping to the more costly regions around the globe. Expect that a WHN representative will be in touch at first opportunity regarding additional shipping charges when placing the order directly on our store site. If a more specific international shipping quote is desired before the order is placed, please contact [email protected] to request one, provide a complete shipping address and indicate which product will be ordered and a WHN representative will reply with an accurate quote at first opportunity.

Please note that shipping internationally involves following the particular customs, internal revenue laws and procedures of the receiving country. WHN must collect any known applicable GST, VAT, duties and other international charges that are identifiable up front, in order to expedite the shipment clearing Customs. In many cases, this may result in your shipping cost being higher than what was quoted by our store site. If this is the case, a WHN representative will be in touch at first opportunity following the placement of your order, to authorize the collection of any additional ship fees required. Because international Air Separators must be special ordered from the manufacturer, WHN will wait to process any orders which have partially outstanding shipping fees until the balance has been reconciled.

Even though WHN does its best to collect all known duties, taxes, fees etc. up front, depending on the country of receipt, additional duties, taxes, licenses and/or fees may be required by the receiving country before the order is released to the customer. Shipping insurance is automatically applied to international orders, as the incidence of damage may be increased due to the extended shipping distances coupled with the weight of the air separator. The final shipping price is calculated to allow for all of these variables stated above, including the cost of the shipping insurance.

The shipping cost to send a LiveO2 or LiveO2-AC system to international countries may be between $500-$1400 USD, depending on which system is purchased and the region it is being shipped to. This shipping cost is associated with ordering a complete LiveO2 or LiveO2-AC system, which includes the air separator. These units weigh 40-65 pounds, again depending which system is purchased.

WHN's International Shipping Policy requires that any return/exchange shipping costs will ultimately be the customer's responsibility in the event that an issue arises with the product. WHN tests its products before shipping in order to be reasonably sure that what we ship is free from defects, though we recognize that this does not necessarily cover all eventualities. The WHN warranty will still be honored for any product malfunction in accordance with our standard warranty policies, with the exception that WHN is not able to bear the shipping/exchange costs associated with international returns or international warranty issues. Regarding the air separator component of the system, the air separator manufacturer has service centers located around the world, which will reduce any return shipping costs on warranty or service issues associated with the air separators. Contact a WHN representative by emailing [email protected] to inquire about options for having your air separator purchased through WHN serviced locally.

We do not sell refurbished concentrators outside of the United States due to an increased potential for unsupportable functionality issues.

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